What happens when metrologists engage in a game of wordplay.

Recently while tidying up the lab, I found a bottle of Fantastik, the generic store-brand cleaning supplies.  Then I found another… and another!… and another?… and another.  All different labels.  And so, on a day whispered to the wind as Day 0, it began.

pressure lab.jpg

The Pressure Lab catalyst poster.

A few days later, the Mass Lab struck.

IMG_20160316_152100744 (1)

The Mass Lab strikes.

In an unforeseen blitz of pundemonium, the Temperature Lab chooses the same day to play their move.

IMG_20160316_152111956 (1)

The fiery resistance of the Temperature Lab.

As you saw in the Mass Lab, the Pressure Lab had a reputation to defend, so a day later we came out with our counter.

IMG_20160316_152045747 (1)

The comeback of the Pressure Lab.

No one could predict the methodical planning, the gusto, that would go into the definitive blow of the Volume Lab.

volume lab

The Volume Lab hits home.

With all this action, some were starting to note the absence of the Electricity Lab’s hat in the ring.  However the wait was worth it.

electric lab.jpg

George Takei guests-stars in the Electricity Lab poster.


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