This week, find out how to turn your phone into a makeshift microscope.

New semester, new things to learn.

This week in my biophysics class, we were told to bring an old / broken disc reader, a pair of tweezers, a small screwdriver set, a smartphone with a front-facing camera (a selfie camera) and a piece of biology.  Following this Instructable, we dug out the lens in the reader and carefully fixed it to our selfie camera, rounded side facing up.

My biology was some water from the mildly smelly Ottawa canal. And what a surprise, to be able to see small features with such clarity!

Best results were when the item was held about 1mm above the lens.  To avoid shaky hands, I propped the item on our tweezers as an arm straddled both sides of the lens.  To capture the moving creatures, I let my plastic container of canal water rest on the lens and waited.



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